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7 Simple Ways to Enjoy Using Your Gua Sha

Have you ever heard of gua sha? Perhaps, you have seen this facial tool randomly while watching TikTok videos. Well, this traditional East Asian healing tool has taken the holistic wellness community by storm, and for a good reason.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha, though often seen as a contemporary beauty ritual, is actually rooted in the rich history of traditional Eastern medicine. In fact, the use of gua sha has been practiced for centuries in China and other parts of East Asia. The term "Gua" means to scrape or rub, while "Sha" refers to the red, sand-like rash that appears on the skin after a vigorous session.

This technique was traditionally used to treat various ailments, including chronic pain, inflammation, and fever. By promoting blood flow and encouraging the body’s natural healing processes, Gua Sha was a go-to remedy in many households, even the commoners. Think of this as hilot and the use of hot stone in the Philippines, but for other purposes.

This simple yet effective tool can help alleviate muscle tension, improve circulation, and promote overall skin health. The scraping action stimulates microcirculation, which helps to move stagnant blood and toxins out of the body, promoting overall health and vitality. If you're new to Gua Sha or looking to enhance your routine, here are seven simple ways to enjoy and maximize the benefits of this ancient practice.

1. Start with Clean Skin and a Relaxing Environment

Creating a serene environment is the first step to fully enjoy your Gua Sha experience. Begin by cleaning your face thoroughly to remove any makeup, dirt, or oils, especially if you are coming home from work or any outdoor activities. This ensures that your skin is a clean canvas for the treatment. After cleaning your face, apply some skin tonic, as necessary. If you want, you can also set the mood by playing classical or calming music. Well, you’re the main character every time you take care of your skin. The tranquility will not only enhance your relaxation but also make the experience more enjoyable.

2. Apply a Facial Oil or Serum

One of the key elements to an effective Gua Sha session is the use of a good facial oil or serum. This provides the necessary slip for the tool to glide smoothly over your skin, preventing any tugging or pulling that could cause irritation. Choose a product that suits your skin type—whether it's a hydrating oil for dry skin like our Dream Drops Universal Hydro-oil or a lightweight serum for oily skin like Wild Algae Glow Up Serum.

Applying the oil evenly across your face will help the Gua Sha tool work more effectively and make the massage more pleasurable.

3. Use Gentle, Upward Strokes

When using your Gua Sha, remember that gentle, upward strokes are key. The goal is to promote lymphatic drainage and increase circulation, not to apply excessive pressure. Hold the tool at a 15-degree angle to your skin and start at the neck, moving upwards towards the jawline, cheeks, and forehead. The gentle upward motion helps lift the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Always work from the center of your face outwards to encourage the drainage of fluids.

4. Focus on Tension Points

Our faces hold a lot of tension, especially in the jawline and forehead. Spend a little extra time on these areas during your Gua Sha routine. For the jawline, use the tool to apply gentle pressure from the chin towards the ear. For the forehead, work from the center outwards, and don’t forget to give your temples a soothing massage as well. This can help relieve tension headaches and reduce stress, making your Gua Sha session not only a beauty treatment but also a relaxation ritual.

5. Incorporate Gua Sha into Your Morning Routine

Starting your day with a Gua Sha session can set a positive tone for the day ahead. The increased circulation and reduced puffiness can help you look more awake and refreshed. A morning Gua Sha routine can also serve as a mindful moment before diving into the day’s activities. Pair it with your morning coffee or tea for an added layer of enjoyment. By making it a regular part of your morning routine, you’ll likely find that you look forward to this peaceful start each day.

6. Experiment with Different Gua Sha Tools

Gua Sha tools come in various shapes and materials, each offering unique benefits. Jade, rose quartz, and stainless steel are popular choices. Jade is known for its cooling properties, which can be particularly soothing for inflamed skin. Meanwhile, rose quartz is often associated with self-love and positive energy, making it a popular choice for a relaxing ritual. At Pure Culture, we offer these common types of gua sha tools.

7. Stay Consistent and Patient

Consistency is key when it comes to seeing results from your Gua Sha practice. Aim to incorporate it into your routine a few times a week, if not daily. Patience is also important, as the benefits of Gua Sha, like improved skin tone and reduced puffiness, can take time to become noticeable. Keep in mind that Gua Sha is not just a quick fix but a long-term investment in your skin’s health and your overall well-being. By staying consistent, you’ll start to see and feel the benefits over time.

Gua Sha is more than just a skincare trend. It’s a time-honored practice that offers a multitude of benefits for both your skin and overall well-being, a good addition to your self-care journey. By following these seven simple tips, you can make the most of your Gua Sha routine and transform it into a cherished self-care ritual.

Whether you’re looking to reduce puffiness, alleviate tension, or simply take a few moments for yourself, Gua Sha can be a delightful addition to your daily routine. So, grab your favorite Gua Sha shape, find a quiet space, and enjoy the many rewards of this ancient technique.

Need some visualization? Here’s a short video guide you can follow in using your Phoenix Jade or Rose Quartz Gua Sha:

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