Certifications and Affiliations

Safe Cosmetics Australia

We are proud to be the first Philippine brand to be SAFE COSMETICS AUSTRALIA certified!

Pure Culture and Safe Cosmetics Australia share a deep belief that the products that we consume should be more than just safe for people, but also safe for the environment. 

Established 2010, Safe Cosmetics Australia pioneered the first toxic-free guidelines for cosmetic manufacturers. 


Pure Culture has been certified to meet the standards for Australian Certified Toxic-Free and its formulations essentially free-from the top-offending chemicals associated with potentially contaminated carcinogenic chemicals that are commonly found in cosmetics, personal care and household products.

Pure Culture has pledged to always consider the Ingredients FIRST™ and is certified Naturally Made Safe™.

Pure Culture formulations have been reviewed and approved Allergy Certified™.


Pure Culture has been certified that no animal testing was conducted for our products or ingredients. Furthermore, all Soap Culture Staples have been certified as Palm-Free. 


Most Pure Culture products have been certified to not use animal-sourced ingredients to formulate our products.