Nature-Inspired and Science-Backed Skincare

Nature-Inspired and Science-Backed Skincare

We regularly talk about how Pure Culture has a strong focus on natural-origin ingredients. We are awed by nature and are always inspired by how successful it has been in repairing itself. A few people have asked us: if we are a natural skincare brand, does that then mean that we are not a science-based brand? We are here to answer, loud and clear, that we are both! Yes, our products are inspired by nature and we have a strong affinity for nature-origin and nature-identical ingredients, choosing them over petrochemicals and fossil fuel-based raw materials. And yes, we use ingredients that have been scientifically proven to be effective, and we seek out scientific breakthroughs in biotechnology and sustainability and form our formulations and processes around them.   

Science is a fundamental part of our DNA. By relying on research, tests, and expert-driven formulations, we get to create products that work, while preventing harm to our skin, body, and planet. Here’s how we do it. 

A real focus on ingredients

At the heart of science-based skincare is a careful selection of ingredients. We’re committed to using ingredients that are dermatologist-approved and backed by clinical studies. You’d be surprised how common it is for skincare products to have unnecessary fillers and ingredients like synthetic fragrances, masking agents, and dyes. Oftentimes, these are added to make formulas feel good or look good, without actually doing much for your skin. Instead, our goal is to maximize your skin’s health and avoid synthetics that may potentially irritate or sensitize your skin. Because we care about your whole body’s ecosystem, and the greater ecosystems that you are part of, we also veer away from ingredients that are known to be endocrine disruptors and chemicals that are harmful to the earth. 

In our formulations, you’ll find high-performing ingredients that may not be of natural origin but have been rigorously studied and tested for stability and efficacy — such as the barrier-restoring Niacinamide in our Wild Algae Quench Créme. You will also find nature-identical ingredients such as Collagen found in our Bulgarian Rose Everything Elixir, not harvested from animal or plant, but from microorganism fermentation, proven to deliver superior effects than marine collagen. 

Harnessing biotech innovation

One of the most exciting trends in skincare, biotech beauty is the intersection of biotechnology and cosmetics. It uses cutting-edge techniques like genetic engineering, microorganism fermentation, and cell culture to develop lab-generated ingredients that one would typically get from nature (animal by-products, plants, minerals), or from petrochemicals. As a result, it creates products that are sustainable, high-performing and does not require as much land, water, and energy resources to produce. As a company that believes in scientific innovation, we already harness biotech in some of our ingredients — including our collagen, elastin, lactic acid, and CoQ10. We’re always keeping up to date with the latest scientific breakthroughs and research to make sure we’re making the most of our formulations.

It’s amazing how many things we put on our skin, and even ingest are created from petrochemicals, without us even knowing it. The majority of food coloring, food flavors, and thickeners that we find in processed food in our grocery aisles are in fact made from petrochemicals. This is why label literacy is so important and why we encourage everyone to download our “Heck No Checklist.” 

Seeking third-party certification

These days, the term “clean beauty” is used so loosely that it’s easy to fall prey to green-washing and marketing ploys. This is because there are no clear guidelines or set regulations to constitute what “clean” means. Despite this, we believe in transparency and establishing trust. So we intentionally open up our formulations and processes to be vetted by international organizations and institutions, who ensure our products and ingredients are of the highest safety and sustainability standards. At present, Pure Culture is the first Philippine brand that’s Safe Cosmetics Australia certified as Australian Certified Toxic-Free, Made Safe™, Allergy Certified™, Cruelty-Free Certified, and Vegan-Friendly Certified. Indeed, going to these lengths to build credibility isn’t simple, but we believe in raising the standards towards a more transparent, science-backed skincare world. 

Clinically-tested raw materials

We believe that as formulators of high-performance skincare, we have a responsibility to use raw materials that have been clinically tested for efficacy and safety. This is why we are very diligent in selecting the kind of ingredients we use. It is not enough that we use Vitamin C – we need to understand: What type of Vitamin C is it? How is it manufactured or harvested? How is it more effective than others? What technology is applied to processing it? What are the clinical results like? At what percentages? This information allows us to select the best active ingredients for our formulations.    

All our products also undergo stability testing to ensure that they maintain their quality and effectiveness over time. This involves exposing the products to different environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and light, to assess their physical and chemical stability.

A holistic approach to skincare 

Last but certainly not least, to be a science-backed skincare brand means having a deep understanding of the skin that goes beyond pure aesthetics. Although it’s tempting to focus on the physical side of beauty, let's not forget: skin is still an organ, and it’s connected to the rest of our bodies. We owe a lot to our skin — it protects us from illness, maintains our immune system, and even prevents inflammation. In the last decade, we’ve come to appreciate the skin microbiome as a whole — that is, a thriving ecosystem of microorganisms that is integral to our overall health. That’s why Pure Culture products are crafted with your microbiome in mind. It’s not enough that a product gives that clear, glass-skin look. It needs to be able to nurture the thousands of bacterial species that live beneath it. 

As skincare continues to evolve, Pure Culture is prepared to adapt to this rapidly growing field to bring the benefits of science to you. Shop sustainable, biome-friendly beauty now on Pure Culture.

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