A Beginners Guide to Pure Culture

A Beginners Guide to Pure Culture

I don’t know about you, but as soon as I see a word that leans more towards the scientific end of things, my brain immediately begins to panic. I always find myself exiting the tab I am on to find a layman’s explanation of whatever it is I am looking for. Microbiome is one of those words that hit the big red button in my brain. That is, until I realized that it is an essential part of taking care of my skin. So today, we are going to save you the trouble of sifting through article after article and instead give you a step-by-step guide of how to properly nurture your skin’s microbiome. 

Let us begin with the basics. A microbiome, by definition, is the community of microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi to name a few, that live in a particular environment. In the context of your skin, it is the group of these things residing in it. Sounds gross? Kind of. But in the grand scheme of things, these tiny friends that live on your skin help balance and protect your skin barrier.

Balancing your microbiome and your skin type 

To make your journey easier, it is important to first set the foundation: your skin type. Knowing your skin type will guide you to how to properly nurture the different elements that hold your skin together, from how much moisture your skin can hold, to how much it needs. 

Testing your skin type is the easiest part - all you have to do is grab your cleanser of choice, gently wash your face, and wait 30 minutes. Make sure not to put any other product on your face while waiting. This way, you can get the most genuine results. 

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for: if you come out of the 30 minutes and your skin is shiny, you have an oily skin type. If it feels rather dry and flaky, then it is dry! And finally, if there is shine but only evident within your T-zone, you probably have combination skin!

For those who have come out of the test feeling like your skin is hydrated and rather comfortable but not oily, you have normal skin. Consider yourselves blessed. 

Knowing that the former three skin-types need a bit more attention, Pure Culture is here to offer our recommended morning and night routines featuring our very own sustainable and luxury skin-care. 

Oily Skin

For an oiler skin-type that is on the more youthful side, we recommend using the Wild Algae collection: 

And at night, finish it off with our Jade Phoenix Gua Sha to contour and snatch those cheekbones and jawline.

For mature oily skin, we recommend, once again, our Wild Algae collection, featuring a spritz of our Bulgarian Rose collection

During the day, use the: 

And at night, go ahead and use the:

Dry skin

If you have younger, dry skin, your morning and evening routine should be as follows:

Top off your night routine with our Rose Quartz S-Shaped Gua Sha to sculpt and relax your face after the stress of the day and you’re all set!

If you have more mature, dry skin, opt for these products:

And once again, top off your night routine as well with these products and finish it off with the infamous Rose Quartz S-shaped Gua Sha!

Combination skin 

Finally, if you have young combination skin, the Wild Algae collection in the morning is your best friend: 

And at night, sprinkle in some of our Bulargian Rose Collection in there too:

For more mature skin in the morning, we’re going full Wild Algae: 

And at night, it’s everything Bulgarian Rose:

Rest assured, with our natural skincare, locally sourced from our motherland itself, the Philippine ecosystem is helping us build awareness for sustainable skincare one building block at a time. 

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