8 simple rituals to unlock your healthiest glow ever

Your ultimate Glow Guide to making meaningful and intentional choices that can change your skin, your life and our planet.

New Year, New You? 

It’s 2022 and it’s high time you rethink this phrase! With 2020 setting off a wave of health scares, and a wave of challenges in your personal and professional life, the pressure to “change” in a time of a pandemic can be frustrating, if not stress-inducing. The last thing you need right now is another anxiety trigger. 

Instead of self-improvements, ground yourself on self-love – embrace processes over promises. 

This is what matters most in a time of uncertainty, when looking inward for meaning and stillness is essential — especially when you can’t make sense of what’s happening around you. 

How about you finally focus on progress, instead of perfection?! 

You’ve endured hardship and losses since 2020, but you’ve also survived and thrived in one way or another since then. Pat yourself on the back! 

You need to recognize and reflect on those gains. Every win–big or small–is a step towards progress. 

Take the steps that make space for self-acceptance and for realistic resolutions. 

No matter where that journey takes you, or how much time it takes, we’re here to help you continue what you’ve already started–with minimal yet mindful efforts that maximize results in all aspects of your life. 

Welcome to Your Ultimate GLOW GUIDE! 

Mindful and meaning-making rituals that will change your skin, your life, and our planet 

Mindful beauty is the hottest beauty currency and it’s here to stay!

It’s that sweet intersection where the ethos of slow, sustainable, conscious, clean, and green beauty meet.

Mindful beauty encompasses all the good that comes from these beauty trends, leading you to a more holistic and intentional approach to your overall well-being.

Making meaningful and intentional choices is the simple resolution you need to see a significant change in your skin—and in your life.  

Transform your skin, transform your life

The future of beauty is here, the future of beauty is in the now: mindful beauty is about being present, being fully aware, and carving out meaningful moments.

We are here to empower you so you can show up with your best skin ever, and be the best version of yourself. 

Create your own beauty philosophy

We’ll help you take the reins, take control over choosing and creating your own beauty philosophy, while helping you stay intentional with your goals.

All with the awareness that comes with respecting your individuality, your own personal definition of beauty. 

This is for YOU if you want to…

  • take the guesswork out of adapting a more mindful lifestyle 
  • streamline your skincare routine– learn simple and smart skin solutions 
  • discover the secrets to your healthiest, sexiest, most gorgeous glow ever
  • fully understand the gut-health connection and microbiome-friendly skincare
  • take a deep dive into safe and sustainable ingredients 
  • learn the hows of stress-free aging aka well-aging 
  • do pampering rituals that calm and clear your mind and your skin  
  • take a more natural route to self-healing   
  • learn tried and tested rituals that translate change in your skin and your life
  • make conscious choices while caring for the community around you

And still for you if...

  • you’re a beauty newbie–fresh new start!
  • you’re a beauty junkie–always something new to learn!
  • you want to jumpstart your health and wellness journey 
  • you’re new to clean and green beauty 
  • you have a busy schedule–we’ll make it work 
  • it’s your first time to attend a beauty and wellness webinar 

Hosted by beauty and wellness expert, Pure Culture co-founder, Kim Reyes-Palanca 

Hi! Kim here! 

I’m a former beauty editor, and currently a beauty and wellness columnist for One Mega Group and Manila Bulletin.

This synergy of beauty, health and wellness is something I’ve completely immersed myself in for over 15 years. I’ve always believed in beauty’s transformative power and its higher purpose—now fully being realized by many through self-care.

Mindful, conscious, clean, innovative, purposeful, pampering, delightful—these are guiding principles that have led me to the art and science of holistic beauty, and I’m continually learning and discovering more as I go along. 

Pure Culture is the culmination of everything I love about beauty—beauty is connection, about wholeness and well-being. In all my years as a beauty editor/columnist, it is exactly this sentiment of looking and feeling good that I’ve always shared with everyone. Now I can add another aspect–doing good, too.

Cultivating my curiosity has helped me live a more mindful and purposeful life. My love and appreciation for beauty and a healthy lifestyle, plus food and skin sensitivities led me on this path of searching and exploring more natural ingredients, understanding the mind-body and gut-health connection, and drawing guidance from medical professionals, health practitioners, and other experts for a more holistic approach to health. 

I’m a work-from-home mum surrounded by three boys—my husband and two sons—and enjoy long and languid baths, spas, skincare, makeup, headbands and hairstyling, Pilates, and flow exercises equally, and with a passion. 

Are you ready for a transformation?

Here’s what Kim’s readers and followers have to say

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“Being a respected beauty editor— and a trusted friend— I know I can count on Kim Palanca for honest and reliable advice when it comes to beauty, health, and wellness. She’s not one to just jump on trends— if she recommends something, it’s because she has experienced it for herself and has done her research. Beauty for her is a science, and I believe science”

Jaclyn Clemente-Koppe, food writer

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“Kim has always been very mindful of her well-being. I usually check on her Instagram account if I want to free my mind of all worries and just browse her beauty and wellness rituals— and discover new and effective products out there!” 

Lanie de la Paz, beauty and jump rope enthusiast 

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“Kim makes beauty easy. She understands your lifestyle and recommends a regimen you can actually commit to. I am more confident in trying out products and less terrified of aging because I have her! She just gets me”

Kath Cruz Misa, director for retail

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“In the highly commercial and competitive world of online beauty, where it is easy to be click-baited into buying stuff we think we need, yet merely end up hurting us rather than make us look good, it would be wise to listen to genuine beauty experts like Kim Palanca. She speaks from the heart and from experience. You can’t go wrong with any of her recommendations”

 Mai Mislang, writer, musician, and owner of @riseartisnal 

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“I love how Kim has embedded beauty and wellness in her life and positively influences those around her to do the same”

Karina Callangan, owner of @luisito’s

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“Kim has always just been so passionate about beauty and wellness. I’m so blessed to be one of those whom she shares her knowledge with. I’ve always trusted her recommendations, and so pleased as well to be using Pure Culture’s products now” 

Camille Ver, painter