Beauty and the Biome

Our Skin
Beauty and the Biome 

There’s an invisible universe in you—your skin microbiome, an ecosystem teeming with trillions of microorganisms. Your skin is alive and needs natural nurturers to keep it healthy and glowing. But urban dwelling and modern skincare regimens have stripped off its essential healers—good bacteria or "beneficial bugs” that make up our microbiome. Now more than ever, there’s a need to restore biodiversity: a call to rewild.

Just as your skin microbiota is part of a bigger human microbiome world, we are part of a broader universe. 

Pure Culture deeply believes in caring for and rewilding your skin’s ecosystem, and the greater ecosystem we are all part of. Like individual waves in the ocean—we are all connected, and every choice we make ripples within and outwards our body, community, and the planet. 

Our Community 
The Conscious Collective 

Creating purposeful, biome- and eco-conscious products is our humble attempt to elevate the local beauty landscape. Through mindful beauty, we hope to create a care culture—starting with our very own community. 

Our country is rich in natural resources and home to so many natural health wonders–and while we do think it’s high time to put a spotlight on these endemic ingredients, we truly believe this needs to be done with absolute care.

Cultivating and processing raw materials, even when the intention is good, negatively affects our ecosystem when not done responsibly. The reason why we select Philippine-origin actives that are science-backed and certified sustainable. 

Our Planet
Clean Beauty, Clean Conscience 

Our mindful beauty mantra: Look good. Feel good. Do good. Beauty is connection and our self-care skincare is grounded on rituals of purposeful pampering, and being a purposeful brand

We respect and care for people and the planet, and have been giving back since day zero. We are part of 1% for the Planet, use eco-friendly packaging (no plastic or bioplastic for us), and partner with carbon footprint-conscious couriers (uses mailer bags from upcyled, discarded tarpaulin).

Through our safe and sincere skincare, we truly hope we help you make more conscious decisions for yourself, be mindful of people and the planet.