How Pure Culture Always Gives Back

How Pure Culture Always Gives Back

The Filipino beauty movement, or F-beauty, continues to make strides. It carves its own corner for clean and uncompromising beauty and skincare is Pure Culture. As co-founder Kim Reyes Palanca shares, Pure Culture represents “mindful, microbiome-friendly beauty centered on nurturing our skin ecosystem and the bigger ecosystems we are part of — our country, community, the planet we live in.”

“We are on a mission to set the highest standard in clean F-beauty. We are committed to safety, sustainability, and transparency. At the core of our brand is mindfulness, which we believe captures the totality of what clean beauty stands for,” Kim adds.

Pure Culture: Keeping Beauty Clean

Pure Culture believes in uncompromising natural beauty, highlighting responsibly-sourced raw materials, sustainable packaging, and ingredient transparency while working with highly-vetted suppliers. With its strict approach to mindful beauty and sustainability, it’s no surprise that at the helm of this world-class luxury brand are three mothers, all conscious skinthusiasts, ingredients in their skincare products, and who wanted to give back to the country through sustainable business. This included highlighting Philippine ingredients in their award-winning products.

“What better way to define F-beauty than to put a spotlight on our very own skin superfood! With Philippine green caviar for example and its proven and science-backed benefits, it was easy to come up with our first line Wild Algae, having Philippine sea grapes or ‘lato’ as a main ingredient,” Kim explains.

How Pure Culture Transforms Their Homes

Espousing mindfulness in their beauty brand also means reflecting the same in their home lives. “It is this sense of responsibility that translates and echoes in our way of parenting. We do our best to impart the same values to our children. Mindfulness in our homes means teaching awareness, compassion, fostering a caring culture in our family and our community,” Kim says.

“We believe in modeling behavior we wish to see in our kids is one of the best ways to teach our children. But it is also the hardest to do. It may be challenging but it is also what drives us to grow a brand centered on nurturing ecosystems. From the very beginning, as mothers and creative individuals, we all agree that this mindful and holistic approach we have in our lifestyle is what our brand will have.”

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