Going for the gold: The Filipino clean beauty brand with the 24K gold skincare

Going for the gold: The Filipino clean beauty brand with the 24K gold skincare

How do you feel about having gold in your daily skin care routine? Pure Culture is a fairly new local vegan and clean beauty brand with products that aim to strengthen the skin’s microbiome while using sustainable, locally-sourced active ingredients in the process. It’s the first Filipino beauty brand that is Safe Cosmetics Australia-certified. I got to try both their Bulgarian Rose serum and moisturizer, and here’s my quick review!

First off, there are actual (non-nano) 24K gold particles floating around in the Bulgarian Rose Sublime Serum (P1,150 for 30ml). Aside from looking extra, these precious bits of gold are said to promote collagen production and inhibit dark spots and blemishes. FYI, the particles are micro-sized rather than nano, so that they’re too big to enter the body through the skin. Lato, a.k.a. Green Caviar or Philippine sea grapes, improves overall skin well-being while Probiotics help reinforce the skin barrier.

The serum is in a lightweight gel form that is easily absorbed by the skin. It dries quickly and without any tackiness afterwards, leaving behind a sparse smattering of tiny gold sparkles in its wake. Don’t worry! The sparkles don’t look like 90’s body glitter - they’re quite natural and gives skin a subtle glow. It’s also light enough to use in the daytime underneath your usual sunscreen and makeup. However, I would still suggest topping it with moisturizer as the serum doesn’t seem to add much in terms of hydration.

For nighttime skincare, the Bulgarian Rose Glam Gold Satin Créme (P1,480 for 50g) is anything but low-key. The shimmering gold moisturizer looks more like a radiance primer, thanks to the more densely packed 24K gold particles. A mild light-reflecting effect is even visible, but I can only see the shimmer when I am less than a foot away from the mirror. The consistency is that of a gel-cream that’s on the runny side, spreading easily without drag. A little bit goes a long way!

The formula is surprisingly hydrating despite it being so lightweight. I wake up to the satin créme fully absorbed by my skin, minus any flakiness. The Shea Butter and Hyaluronic Acid content certainly doesn’t hurt. Skin tone-evening CoQ10 is also a highlighted ingredient. And, yes, this moisturizer is light enough that it can be used comfortably in the day for a radiance primer.

As the name suggests, Bulgarian Rose Flower Oil gives the line its addictive natural scent and skin-soothing properties. I get a somewhat powdery, crushed rose petal smell that fills the senses and lingers.

While you might be nervous about the gold shimmer blocking the pores, I'm happy to say that I personally didn't experience any breakouts while using the serum and moisturizer together. Though it was sometimes a little jarring to wipe my hand across my face and see sparkles on my palms after forgetting I had these on.

In a nutshell, this duo is ideal for those who want to make their skincare ritual a full-on experience rather than a slap-and-go routine. The Bulgarian Rose serum and moisturizer makes the most out of that 24K magic and classic rose scent to deliver oomph as well as functional skincare benefits.

You can grab Pure Culture products via their official website, Shopee, and BeautyMNL.

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