Newly-launched Philippine skincare brand bags 7 Organic Beauty Awards

Newly-launched Philippine skincare brand bags 7 Organic Beauty Awards

Since 2017, the global Organic Beauty Award has been recognizing  beauty brands that are dedicated to creating safe and effective natural products. This year, newly-launched Philippine beauty brand Pure Culture went head to head with top-notch brands from all over the world..

Pure Culture began as a singular idea, one fueled by the desire to educate, inform and most of all, provide clean luxury skincare to Filipinos. We want to level the playing field – luxurious, effective and safe skincare products don’t need to be extremely expensive; and they can be local!  We are humbled to share that within our first five months of introducing our debut lines to the market, we have won two brand awards, and five product awards from Organic Beauty Award. 

Innovative Clean Beauty 

Pure Culture, forits desire to help the planet, was awarded Bronze for Innovative Clean Beauty. The brand was recognized for its efforts to give back. Throughout this journey, we have been dedicated to not only make luxury accessible to everyone, but do so whilst being mindful of our impact on the environment. We are proud members of 1% of the Planet - an internationally recognized organization whose objective is to build and support an alliance of businesses that are on a mission to create a positive impact on our planet. We, of course, first have to start with our own Philippine oceans so we selected Reef Check PH as our first partner organization. 

Mindful Tools

The second brand award we received is bronze for Best Clean Skincare Brands under the Innovative Skincare Tools category. Sustainability shapes our decision-making and this goes beyond our consumable products, it is also what drives the tools that our brand carries. Swapping out your disposable cotton rounds with reusable ones would save around 1,928 gallons of water per year, and our Organic Bamboo Cotton Rounds is a luxe alternative. 

Our Rose Quartz S-Shaped Gua Sha on the other hand, is a natural face sculpting tool and reusable spatula in one. It is not something that will end up in landfill, and it gives your beauty ritual a totally deluxe feel. It took home our first product award – a silver for Think Clean ™ Best Facial Tools. The healing pink crystal is associated with purifying and opening the heart to allow energy flow of self-love and peace while massaging your face. The unique s-shape allows for a distinct experience because it perfectly hugs the contours of your face, promoting blood flow and of course, relaxation. 

Bulgarian Rose, The Awards Darling  

Our Bulgarian Rose line was our shining glory – the global spotlight focused on each and every one of the products,  their restorative elements, their socially-conscious packaging and accessible price points. So, let me give you a run-down and what needs to be added to your skincare routine right now. 

The Silver of All Roses

Our well-known and loved Bulgarian Rose Everything Elixir took home the silver for the Think Clean ™ Rose Hydrosols category. This product is  a triple threat-- meeting your make-up removing, facemisting, toning and cleansing needs. So, even with your achy nights and blurry early mornings, there’s no excuse to skip your beauty ritual. You can easily  nurture your skin that went through just as much as you did. 

Amina Kitching, founder of Safe Cosmetics Australia describes our Everything Elixir: "It has the most exotic powerful aroma & really works to hydrate my skin. It contains BHT-Free Retinol that helps it absorb deeper." 

 The Most Competitive Category: Serums

Everyone has a favorite serum these days so it wasn’t a surprise to hear that this was an extremely competitive category. This is why we are so proud that our Bulgarian Rose Sublime Serum brought in the bronze for Think Clean ™ Brightening Serums. The award-giving body describes a good brightening serum as: “it does exactly what it says, it brightens & improves the skin. More specifically, it evens out the skin tone, reducing pigmentation & dark spots, overall lightening & evening out the skin as it reduces visible flaws.”Infused with Philippine Green Caviar, 24k gold and Quince Extract, the Sublime Serum goes beyond and also lifts, smoothens and firms your skin. With 100% natural ingredients, it will leave you feeling wild and sexy.

Amina shares, “The aroma is heavenly & I can't get enough of this serum, it firms my skin hydrating to perfection every time with a 24K Gold glow & probiotics.”

Luxury at a Reasonable Price

The two-time winner and absolute award favorite is our Bulgarian Rose Glam Gold Satin Crème which bagged not only the gold for Think Clean ™ Luxurious Face Creams Under $60, but also the number one spot for Editor’s Choice Award!

Clean Beauty Magazine’s Sienna Leslie says, “I put this product on every time before bed & I wake up feeling fresh & my skin feels amazing. You only need the smallest amount to leave a dewey complexion.” Plumping, nourishing and radiance-boosting, this instant favorite allows your skin to heal without clogging your pores and leaves your skin velvety smooth p. It is the night-cap you did not know you needed. Until now, of course. 

Just the Beginning

We are young, yes, but we are dedicated to keep on working hard  towards a kinder, safer, and more sustainable version of beauty…We are humbled by this early recognition, and it is  fueling us to strive harder to create change. 

Shop Pure Culture and experience how luxurious and sustainable beauty can go hand-in-hand:

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