2023 Skincare Trends

2023 Skincare Trends

Skincare Trends for 2023

Whether your 2022 was good or bad, the new year always brings in more challenges, positivity and of course, new skin trends! While we are only a month into 2023, sustainable, high-tech and Gen-Z-focused skincare are already being projected to dominate this year. Sound a little overwhelming? We’re here to help you get the first look at what this year has to hold!


1. Skin cycling goes mainstream

First on the list is something that we have talked a lot about last year – skin-cycling. One of the most effective and simplest ways to restore your skin barrier, it’s perfect for the girl (or guy) who wants to mix up their skincare a bit and rejuvenate their skin. It entails 2 days “on” with primarily the use of exfoliants and retinol, and 2 days “off,” letting your skin take a break from active ingredients and just bask in moisturizers. This lets your skin organically absorb more of the product by avoiding overwhelming it everyday with using the same ones. Here’s our guide to skin-cycling.


2. Protecting the barrier and the microbiome

In 2022, there was a focus on skin deep skincare by healing and fortifying our skin barrier. From the “glass skin” trend to “fairy skin”, fresh and natural were the two adjectives we all strived to be described as when someone would comment on our skin! This year, we see this trend develop and go beyond just the skin barrier as more people start to pay attention to, you guessed it, helping their microbiome thrive! 

The easiest way to start this is by:

  • Avoiding harsh ingredients in your skincare such as drying alcohols like alcohol denat and methanol and BHT. To make things easier for you, download our Heck No checklist for 30 ingredients to avoid. 
  • Using gently pre- and postbiotic based formulas that nourish your current skin ecosystem


3. Skin health and proactive prevention

Gen-Z has given us many things, from TikTok dances to enlightening us about what it means to be “woke” but among the long list is also preventive skincare. What does this mean exactly? Preventive skincare refers to a proactive approach that aims to prevent skin problems from occurring rather than treating them after they have developed. This approach focuses on promoting skin health, protecting skin from damage, and preventing early signs of aging through the use of appropriate skincare products and a healthy lifestyle. It involves regular skin care practices such as using sunscreen, moisturizing, and cleansing, as well as avoiding habits that can harm the skin, such as smoking and excessive sun exposure. The goal of preventive skincare is to maintain healthy, youthful-looking skin and reduce the need for corrective treatments.


4. Laser mixing facials

A service-based trend, laser mixing is a single-session facial that tackles all imperfections of the skin such as acne, eczema, and flare-ups. It is said to be more effective than traditional treatments such as micro needling and peeling. According to Dr. Anjali Maht, “the use of fractional, non-ablative devices where energy is delivered in columns and thus does not wipe or destroy the top layer of the skin has allowed safer treatments in skin of color, where clinical data is limited.” Non-invasive and non-abrasive, this is something to look forward to in 2023!


Despite all of these new skin trends having a tremendous amount of potential, it is important to remind ourselves that each of our skin’s needs is different. That is why it is so important to:

  1.  know your skin-type
  2. teach yourself how to read product labels in order to make the best decsions for your skin
  3. customize your skincare based on your skin type, age range, and conerns 
  4. listen to how your skin reacts

So try something new, experiment all you want, but make sure to do what’s best for you and your planet!

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