microsilver BG

Hero Ingredient: MicroSilver BG

Active Ingredient: Silver (Metallic Silver)

Derived from: Pure, elemental silver 

Pronunciation: Mike-roh-SIL-ver BG 

Type: Antimicrobial, antiviral agent 

Other names: None (MicroSilver BG is a trademarked name)

When it comes to skincare, oily skin presents a unique set of challenges. From persistent shine to frequent breakouts, managing oily skin requires products that not only control sebum production but also maintain the skin's health and balance. One ingredient that has been gaining significant attention for its effectiveness in addressing these concerns is MicroSilver BG. 

The Science Behind MicroSilver and How it is Made

MicroSilver BG is a form of pure metallic silver that has been ground into microscopic particles. Unlike colloidal silver, which consists of silver ions suspended in a liquid, it is a powder composed of silver particles with a porous surface structure. This unique form allows it to provide continuous antimicrobial action without penetrating the skin, making it both effective and safe for long-term use.  

The primary reason MicroSilver BG is effective for oily skin is its powerful antimicrobial properties. Silver has been used for centuries for its ability to kill bacteria and other pathogens. This ingredient takes this a step further by utilizing the antimicrobial benefits of silver in a controlled and sustained manner. Here’s how it works:

Antimicrobial Action

The silver particles in the ingredient release silver ions (Ag+), which are highly reactive and interact with microbial cell walls. This interaction disrupts the cell wall, leading to the death of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. This is particularly beneficial for oily skin prone to acne, as it helps to reduce the bacterial load on the skin.

Long-lasting Effect

Unlike other antimicrobial agents that may wash off or lose effectiveness quickly, the unique structure of MicroSilver BG ensures a prolonged release of silver ions. This provides continuous antimicrobial protection throughout the day, reducing the likelihood of acne breakouts.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Oily skin often suffers from inflammation and redness, especially in areas affected by acne. MicroSilver BG helps to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation, contributing to a calmer, clearer complexion.

The Power of MicroSilver in the Skin

Best for: All skin types, especially oily, acne-prone skin

While MicroSilver BG is particularly beneficial for oily and acne-prone skin, its advantages extend to other skin types and conditions as well. Its gentle, non-irritating nature makes it suitable for sensitive skin, and its antimicrobial properties can help manage conditions like eczema and rosacea. Additionally, its ability to promote skin healing makes it a valuable ingredient in post-procedure skincare, where preventing infection and reducing inflammation are critical.

Sebum Regulation: While MicroSilver BG primarily functions as an antimicrobial agent, it also has an indirect effect on sebum production. By reducing the bacterial load on the skin, it helps to prevent the inflammatory response that often triggers excessive sebum production. This results in less oily and more balanced skin over time.

Non-comedogenic: Many skincare ingredients can clog pores, exacerbating oily skin problems. Due to its particulate nature and inability to penetrate the skin, it is non-comedogenic. This means it won't block pores, making it a safe choice for those with oily and acne-prone skin.

Reduces Shine: One of the most frustrating aspects of oily skin is the constant shine that can appear mere hours after cleansing. It also helps to mattify the skin by controlling the factors that lead to excessive oil production, providing a more matte and refined appearance throughout the day.

Concerns on MicroSilver

MicroSilver BG is formulated for safe and widespread use. It has earned approval from the EPA and certifications from organizations like ECOCERT and the Natural Products Association. This ingredient is found in a wide variety of products used by people of all ages, from eye drops and dental products to wound dressings and implants. 

With over 100 human products featuring MicroSilver BG available in 35 countries, its safety profile is well-established. This ingredient targets the surface layer of the skin, avoiding deeper penetration that could disrupt beneficial bacteria.The unique size of the particles ensures they remain on the outermost layer, the stratum corneum, where they can combat harmful bacteria. These highly porous particles effectively adhere to skin, creases, and hair follicles, providing continuous antimicrobial activity until washed away.

Further Research on MicroSilver

Researchers in Europe have conducted various studies on MicroSilver BG, a substance added to many products. One such study, performed by a German lab, tested its antibacterial properties. They exposed different materials, some with the ingredient and some without, to bacteria for several hours. The bacteria thrived on the plain materials, but those containing MicroSilver BG showed a significant reduction – almost complete elimination – of the bacteria.

Scientists at Schwarzkopf, a respected German institute specializing in germs and infections, conducted a study in a medical setting. They compared chairs with and without an added germ-fighter called MicroSilver BG. Throughout the day, chairs with MicroSilver BG had roughly 60% less bacteria than those without. This reduction is similar to what you'd achieve by constantly cleaning the chairs after each use. Regular cleaning throughout the day isn't as effective because germs simply return once someone sits on the chair again.

In Pure Culture, we believe in the power of MicroSilver BG, which is why we use it as an ingredient in Wild Algae Super Skin Tonic. It's made through a special mechanical process to ensure purity, wherein even a small amount is very effective for your skin microbiome.